Welcome to Commercial Center Las Vegas

Commercial Center Historic Society is Funded Soley by Donations. Thank You for your Consideration. This allows us to continue caring for the Historic Area

Welcome to The Historic Commercial Center District “World Village” &
International Marketplace. We are Located Only 1 mile East of The Fabulous
Las Vegas Strip. We are the original & new face of International Urban Life in Las Vegas!

Come and stand in the place where Stars of Yesterday stood like Frank
Sinatra & the Rat Pack, Marilyn Monroe, Elvis Presley, Liberace, Arnold
Schwarzenegger, Lou Ferrigno, Robert Urich, Mr. Universe George Eiferman,
Gianni Russo, Our Music & Rock History Jim Morrison, Santana, The Grateful Dead, the Beach Boys, Bob Marley, Steve Miller Band Iron Butterfly, and many other greats from 1955 to now who would come and enjoy the shops and
dine the Restaurants, then & now!

Today we Feature a unique Variety of Specialty Stores, Boutiques, Art
Galleries, Exotic & American Dining, The Largest Eastern European &
Mediterranean Restaurant and Event Space Balkan Bar & Grill & Crystal Hall,

One of Las Vegas Most Historic Jewelers John Fish Jeweler & School 1955-Over 68 years trailing behind MJ Christensen which Celebrated 80 years in 2019.We are an Urban Incubator of Arts, Entertainement, & Culinary Delights. We
create and help Entrepreneurs to blossom and flourish and have held a space for amazing creativity and community to unfold.

Still Today we are Blessed to have many Celebrities Still choose us, Lotus of
Siam has Featured many Celebrities on their wall of fame including Drew
Barrymore, Pharrell, Anthony Bourdain and Many More. Sugar Shane Mosely & Family, & Kyle Arrington of The Patriots were once clients at A Harmony
Nail Spa, Carrot Top was know to catch a Show at The Onyx Theatres,
These are just a few Celebrities who you may have run into in the
past-Who will you meet in the future? What seems like on the outside a
quaint older plaza is teaming with life and vibrancy. Coming into Commercial Center is like opening an old book, the edges are a little worn, and cover is a
little faded from time, but yet the Story is Amazing and Electrifying. You will
be riveted with all the twists and turns and find it is what you needed. As we
hold true to our past and honor and remember where we came from and our
Legacy, we stand firm in our present mission and hold the vision for the
Future. Our Story is still being told today as it unfolds in an Epic Journey of
Las Vegas and World History.

I’m Paula Sadler President & Founder of The Commercial Center District
“Where old Vegas is New Again”, I welcome you to enjoy over 150 Shops,
restaurants, Music, Arts & Entertainment and business services from some of Las Vegas’s Finest Small Business Owners from around the world. We are Las Vegas’s First and largest Open Air Shopping Center opened in 1963 . We are
the most diverse Ethnic & Cultural Open Air Center, representing over 14
nations and diversities. We are made of mostly Minority & Ethnic Business
owners, Women business and property owners, black-owned businesses,
Mexican and Latin, LGBTQIA+. Bulgarian, Jewish, Nigerian, Thai, Greek, Armenian, Eastern European, Korean, Japanese, Columbian, Veterans, Italian, Cuban, and that’s just the Beginning. Over 500 Employees of the individual businesses and their families. We are a culturally melting pot. A True representation of American Life, and all that the founders of the Country & Commercial Center envisioned. Just as it was in 1963 with a Diversity of life and tenants, so it is today-even more than it ever was.

We have been home to True Las Vegas Originals serving Las Vegas for over 60 years, our longest tenant Multi-Generational tenant and Anchor John Fish
Jewelers & School who is still with us today. We have been home to Many
Well-Known Las Vegas Businesses in the past such as, Tiffany Cleaners that
cleaned and stored Liberace’s Furs and Many a Las Vegas Entertainers and
Cirque Costumes, and Serge’s Wigs, Vegas Village, The Ice Palace,
Cornish Pasty Company which became a Big Succes and outgrew their space at Village Square and Moved Downtown, World Famous Lotus Of Siam 10,000 sq feet Premiere That Restaurant and Many More.

We are home of Las Vegas’s Largest Pool Hall (The Las Vegas Cue Club), we once hosted the Largest Korean BBQ and International Karaoke
(Jin Mee BBQ, and upscale Karaoke), and Largest Mexican Restaurant and
Mariachi Dance Hall (Las Palmas), Now the beautiful Palacio Del Sol Banquet Space seats 300 and over 500 standing room, over 5,000 sq Ft.
The most unique theme Salon & Spa (A Harmony Nail Spa), 2,500 Sq Feet and 22 Service Stations & Treatment rooms.

The largest Uniform Store In Las Vegas- Las Vegas Uniforms & Las Vegas
Tactical. Home to the previous Las Vegas Roller Hockey-Sahara Event Center 30,000 sq ft 2,800 capacity, but was known to Draw a crowd of 8,000 for the Doors Concert.
That Hosted all of our Music and Rock Legend History starting in the 60’s
When Concert Promoter Michael Tell Husband of Patty Duke and son of Jack Tell of the Las Vegas Israelite brought us the first Rock Concerts to Las Vegas. Home to the previous #1 Golf Accessories store Golf Joy & Golfjoy.com,
The Best Asian Supermarket in Town Asian Mart, Now the W-Mart Korean
Market. We were once home to Las Vegas Korea Town-which has now
expanded into China Town, We still have several Korean Owned Businesses.
Excellent office leasing for starter or established business throughout the
Plaza, great spaces available at the New Orleans Square and The
Commercial Arts Building by the former Sahara Inc. There is so much more to do at Commercial Center.

We are proud to have Over 6 decades of rich Las Vegas History, and Feature as Las Vegas’s Very 1st, and now Historic Commercial Center. We invite you to
stop by our visitor’s kiosk & Gift Shop today located at 953 E Sahara Ave E-11A (hosted by A Harmony Nail Spa and Harmony Hollow Gift Shop) from 11a-7p Tue through Saturday to pick up your free gift and enjoy a snack & beverage on us! If you come after were closed, we invite you to take a walk around or
drive our 40-acre plaza. Check out our online Directory to plan your next shopping and dining adventure. We offer some of the City’s Finest Exotic Fair,
Eastern European/Mediterranean, Thai, American, Soul Food, Southern foods, Mexican, Columbian, & Nigerian, We were once home to The Largest Mexican & Mariachi restaurant, We Now host La Vecindad which is becoming the New Mexican Dining Hot Spot. The Largest Longest running pool hall, the most
unique Beauty Salon & Day Spa, Jewelers, Dry Cleaning, Community theatre, Violin & Music Outlet, Banquet Halls, office leasing and so much more. … There is so much waiting for you located in the Heart of the City…Come Inside!!!

A Few of Our Proud Women Business Owners of Commercial Center

Commercial Center is proud to support Women in Business. We have Several Woman & Minority Owned Businesses and Property Owners. We Thank All of our Women in Business with the Special Love & Tenderness and Grit and Determination they bring to The Commercial Center.

We hope to inspire Generations of Young Women to be Entrepreneurs and live their dream. Never take No for an Answer, Be Bold, Be Beautiful, Be A Star!


As of 2024 Commercial Center District, Commercial Center Business Association, Commercial Center Historic Society are all programs under Lov8u Foundation a 501(c)(3) non-profit charitable organization Based in Las Vegas & Registered in Nevada. All Donations are now Tax Deductible. Thank you for your interest in our community programs and Elevating Love on the Planet. LOV8U Foundation founded in 2024. This vision of Elevating Love on the planet has been a lifelong vision of our founder, a lifetime of Love of Others has evolved and been born. The name LOV8U.com was Envisioned by Paula on July 20, 2014….she purchased the domain name on a plane, Literally While Elevated flying at 30,000 feet-sitting next to a stranger (a kind businessman), she was writing in her composition book, thinking about names for an all-encompassing new global charity as an Umbrella for all her community works and those yet to come. She told the Stranger about a potential few names. Out of the Conversation LOV8U was born. It would take nearly 10 years before it became a realization.

Out of this meeting, a miracle occurred. You never know the stranger that you meet, may have a message for you, from God. These are the experiences That Paula writes about in her Book The Nature of Miracles-which beautifully illustrates the world of synchronicities, and magical moments through the Kindness of Strangers and Chance meetings. This Three Volume series is part of her Ministry and further Community work to help others to heal and lived inspired lives. Open to all people of all faiths, all walks of life, for the Atheist & Agnostic. Universal Messages of Hope and inspiration that are meant to be taken in deeply and meditated upon. Below one of her favorite Quotes. Check for Availability on Amazon. E-book Release in 2024 of a classic written after 9/11/2001 to help people heal from Terror and Fear, Published in 2009 in Las Vegas Limited Edition Series. Now to reach a Global Audience as intended.

Hebrews 13 King James Version

“Be not forgetful to entertain strangers: for thereby some have entertained angels unawares.”

Who are the Angels in your life? Who has helped you? Who has helped saved your life, inspire you? Save you from certain dangers? Would you know an Angel if you met one? Does your belief in them make them real? Does your unbelief and skepticism make them any less real? You will be touched by an Angel soon, by reading this, you will become a aware of their existence. Are you an Angel who has forgotten who you are? How do you know what is real and what is make believe. Soon you will discover the truth,