Lunch dates, shopping sprees, date nights, art enthusiasts and event goers – everyone will find something to love about The Historic Commercial Center District. 

North Lot Entrance & Parking Near A Building


The Commercial Center’s historic Mid-Century Modern Architecture, 50 Foot Monument Sign, stunning outdoor Murals, original and unique buildings & storefronts infuse a modern shopping and dining experience with a sense of Las Vegas History and intrigue. A convenient Center of The City setting close to the Strip and Residential Areas and on-site ample self-parking make this destination readily accessible by car, foot or public transportation. 

Enjoy Shopping, Dining & Entertainment options from over 150 vendors. Culinary Delights from over 15 Restaurants & Eateries. Unique one of kind Stores & Services


28 Acres of Shopping & Dining, Set on an Expansive 40 Acre Lot. 15 Unique Buildings all Featuring their own unique style, theme and offerings.

·         A-Building Commercial Center Pavillion
·        D-Commercial Arts Building
·        F-Property Shops
·        800-Liberace Ave-Sahara Event Center
·        New Orleans Square-900 Liberace Ave, (four-buildings) A, B, C, D, H
·        K-Asian Mart
·        XO Liquor-(953-F)
·        B-Market Street Village
·        967-Las Vegas Uniforms
·        975 E Sahara-Spotlight
Center of Plaza
·        E -Village Square

Outer Perimeter Buildings

If You Start at Vickie’s Diner and take a walk around the Inner Perimeter
you will walk in a square Along, Sahara Ave to State Street, to Liberace Ave,
Past the Asian Mart and XO Liquor, to the Center E Building Village Square-Take
a Spin around E, then across the Lot To the B-Suites at Market Street, ending
up at Spotlight Lounge on Sahara & Commercial Center Drive.

New Orleans Square AKA NOSVEGAS Historic Site of Carriage Trade Center Circa 1970


Aerial View 2023 Commercial Center 953 East Sahara, Las Vegas Nevada
Commercial Center Aerial View 2023 Facing Southeast from Sahara

Facing North from New Orleans Square Viewing to the Right Village Square, Straight Ahead Building A, to the Left West Lot