Honoring The Southern Paiute

The Historic Commercial Center District Honors our Paiute Heritage

Before Nevada was Settled, and Commercial Center was a thought, this land was occupied by the Southern Paiute Tribe of Nevada. We honor them and give thanks for them,

Holy land traditions

The Southern Paiute people believe in Puaxant Tuvip, or power land. It is their holy land that links to many significant landmarks in the Southern Paiutes memory and stories. For instance Nuvagantu, or Mt. Charleston in Nevada is a holy landmark that the Southern Paiute people believe was where they were created. These holy lands were places that the separate families or tribes would come to barter, trade, socialize and perform religious ceremonies.

We honor them by claiming what they teach us from History that for us Commercial Center is Puaxant Tuvip or Power Land. Why wouldnt we see Commercial Center or any Historic Importance Place as Holy, or Sacred.

Merrian Webster: exalted or worthy of complete devotion as one perfect in goodness and righteousness, venerated as or as if sacred. Certainly, when it was created and still today a place where we barter, trade, socialize and perform religious ceremonies.

A place where we were made, where Modern Las Vegas came from. This is true. And although we may not receive title of sainthood, we certainly have been canonized in Las Vegas History over the past 60 years with so much connection and referred to as the Heart of Las Vegas, that’s a Big title. Commercial Center definitely has been just that.

Our Goal is to maintain a connection with Tribal Traditions. Paula Sadler Honors the land with Animal and Nature Totems of The Seagull, Dolphin, and Flowers to integrate her native ancestry and merge it with the Native Spirit in this Puaxant Tuvip. She is a modern Day Medicine Woman and Healer, keeping the native spirit alive. Commercial Center Welcomes collaboration with our Local Paiute Tribe, and hopes to bring native Art into the Art Gardens

Las Vegas Paiute Tribe

The Southern Paiute people /ˈpaɪjuːt/ are a tribe of Native Americans who have lived in the Colorado River basin of southern Nevada, northern Arizona, and southern Utah. Bands of Southern Paiute live in scattered locations throughout this territory and have been granted federal recognition on several reservations. Southern Paiute’s traditionally spoke Colorado River Numic, which is now a critically endangered language of the Numic branch of the Uto-Aztecan language family, and is mutually intelligible with Ute.[1] The term Paiute comes from paa Ute meaning water Ute /ˈjuːt/, and refers to their preference for living near water sources.[2] Before European colonization they practiced springtime, floodplain farming with reservoirs and irrigation ditches for corn, squash, melons, gourds, sunflowers, beans and wheat.[2]

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