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At First Glance it may seem unassuming, but as you get inside to the heart of it, and open the doors of each unique vendor-you will be surprised at how Spacious everything is, and how colorful, full of life and vibrant. Each with a unique flavor and twist. It was designed in 1963 as Las Vega’s first suburban modern shopping area as the New Downtown of Las Vegas, as Las Vegas had outgrown downtown Fremont Street. Since then, its open-air design has always been popular, even in Las Vegas with Temperatures easily reaching over 105 degrees in the summer. As can be seen with the Opening of Town Square in 2007 on Las Vegas Boulevard. A great place for Coporate chain & Big Box Stores, but no real history in Las Vegas. Commercial Center is full of colorful characters and stories from past to present and a public art gallery by local artists that has continuously added to its collection, with sidewalk murals, large scale wall murals and utility box murals, that bring the very best of the Old World and the New.


Art and architectural features are constantly being meticulously maintained and restored as the nearly 3/4 of a century-old district continues its reign as Las Vegas’s premier shopping and dining destination of the mom & pop Shops of Las Vegas . Spend the day in the Commercial Center District Area enjoying the free outdoor art display along with the many shops, restaurants, Lounges & Entertainment offerings.