Responsibility Pledge

The Historic Commercial Center District Encourages and Supports Making Responsible Choices.

In our 40 Acre Historic Area, there are many choices for Shopping, Dining, Gaming, Drinking, and Entertainment Venues.

We aim to promote health, wellness, and being responsible. We want the Community to know we have been a place to find recovery for decades and start a new life.

The Following Links are provided, should you or a friend need help.

We have many resources within our center if you are struggling with an addiction or think you may have a problem in the following areas.

We do not endorse or promote any of the following activities, and these links are only for informational purposes.

When Drinking is a problem.

When Gambling is a problem.

When Sex is a problem.

When Shopping is a problem.

When Eating is a problem.


Within The Center

12 Step Recovery – Lambdaalanolasvegas

LGBTQ Clubhouse AA & NA meetings Daily where all are welcome-New Orleans Square A-202 12:15pm, 6:30pm & 8pm

Unity Club | Gamblers Anonymous of Southern Nevada (

Gambling 12 Step Group-New Orleans Square D-204

Addicts Together Group |

NA meetings Narcotics Anonymous Meetings Daily 6:30pm A-202

Within the Las Vegas Area

Las Vegas Central Office for Alcoholics Anonymous (

Region 51 of Narcotics Anonymous – some tag line (

Alcoholicos Anonimos Espanol Grupo, Nueva Vida, 2616 State St, Las Vegas, NV, General Practice – MapQuest

Homeless Resources

As an Urban area that has seen many changes throughout the years, as with many original center of the City Areas. Commercial Center has experienced challenges with Homelessness. As Long Vegas has grown since 1960 when the population was only 92,000 to Clark County in 2023 was 2,359,718, with an estimated homeless people 5,000. In the 60’s it was predicted that by the 70’s there would be a virtual disappearance of homelessness. What was actually seen was an increase towards the late 70’s, and a boom in the 80’s & 90’s. It was at this time Las Vegas was hit hard .

We take a caring approach an offer the following resources in the Area

If you or someone you know is experiencing homelessness please seek out help.