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The Historic Commercial Center District Area has been serving Las Vegas since 1963. Officially Recorded in Clark County record of survey September 11, 1962 and a grant bargain sale deed September 12, 1962. It has become a Historic & Iconic Las Vegas Landmark. Synonymous with the Original Las Vegas, and a key figure in its Modern Development.

With a rich Cultural History and the most unique offerings in any historic Area in Las Vegas. With over 200 storefronts and offices, set in an open-air setting on an expansive 40 Acres, 18 acre 1500 space parking, and overflow of 12 acres on the Historic Site of Vegas Village “Nevadas Largest Department Store” August 1963, follow by the The First Store in Commercial Center opened in November 1963. A Grand Opening was held April 1964.

Commercial Center has drawn to it a most diverse and Eclectic Verities of proprietors for over six decades. From the times when the Mob ran Las Vegas and its connections as a Meeting place for the Underworld Figures in the 60’s & 70’s, to drawing in the Biggest Entertainers in the World at the time, who would shop, dine. It was a place to see and be seen. From Liberace at Tiffany’s cleaners and John Fish To Elvis Presley, The Rat Pack, and Even Jim Morrison of The Doors and the Rolling Stones as far back as the late 60’s.

We love our History and the New Stories being told, that will be told for Generations to come, to find out more check out our New Documentary and Media Project coming soon date TBA in 2024.

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