Mission Statement

Commercial Center Historic Society is Funded Soley by Donations. Thank You for your Consideration. This allows us to continue caring for the Historic Area

The Historic Commercial Center District Mission Statement


Our Mission is to provide the best customer service & most unique Shopping, Dining, Arts & Entertainment Experiences in Las Vegas, off the Strip. In the Historic Commercial Center District Area, By Attracting the finest family of small business owners, the Mom & Pops of Las Vegas, Artists, Musicians, & Service Providers that value Customer Service, Originality, family & friendship. We aim To provide a place where they can flourish and be supported by Building Strong Ties with the Community through Historic Preservation efforts, Honoring the past by keeping the Commercial Center Story Alive and in activating spaces that cultivate Entrepreneurship, originality and define Las Vegas through personal one-on-one service, unique foods, Music, & the Arts in a safe place for Multi-Culturally Diversity to exist, be seen, and respected and flourish where people live work and play every day.