Thank You for your intertest in The Real Story of Commercial Center Las Vegas and for your financial support to make this dream a reality. Please consider a donation today, to tell the truth about our Las Vegas history. Thank you.

The Historic Commercial Center District is Excited to Announce this Historic Project. First Time Director and Producer Paula Sadler along with Commercial Center Business Assocation and Historic Society have been researching this project for several years, and now are about to begin the Interview Process.

Paula Sadler will tell the real story of Commercial Center-from its Heyday in the 1960’s to the long and contentious Relationship with Clark County, The Abuse, The Neglect, The Plan to Tear Down and use Eminent Domain as a tactic to benefit Billionaire Developers. The long-term plan to devalue the area and force the Family Businesses out. All of this is backed up by years of documentation and media coverage. Supporting Documents and government cover up. The small businesses of Commercial Center deserve to be recognized after years of surviving abuse and compensated for their losses. This true Documentary will be a biopic of how one person can make a difference, and how we must fight to stay alive in a hostile world of developers and bureaucrats. More to come.

This project’s goal is to tell the Story of Commercial Center and the Mom & Pops that made it all happen, for generations to come. To help locals remember back in the Day and relive teenage dreams of the 60’s and 70’s. Filled with Nostalgia, Las Vegas History, Music and Rock history, Celebrity and Business Advice to new and upcoming entrepreneurs in a 60-year expose of Epic proportion. Proceeds to assist with ongoing Neighborhood preservation.

This project will include

Documentary 1963-2023 & The Vision of the Future

E-Book & Audiobook


Music Soundtrack Music 1963-2023

Art & Artists Installations Mid-Century to 2023

Highlights: History, Music, Art, Business Advice, Family Legacy, Community Service

Submit your Story, photos, video, memorabilia, and/or desire to be interviewed for our Documentary. We are seeking anyone and everyone with a connection to Commercial Center 1963-2023, including, Employees, former employees, current and past business owners, founders and original business owners, builders, including Vegas Village and New Orleans Square. Artists who have contributed to the Area, Celebrity customers, anyone involved with filming of Pumping Iron, Vegas Robert Urich, Rock and Music Band and Performers of The Intenational Ice Palace aka Playland Skateland, and any other filming or TV over the years.

This project is a Legacy project for Las Vegas History to highlight the Rich Cultural History and Diversity of the Neighborhood over the past 60 years.

We are seeking collaboration from Las Vegas Locals and Families who have been involved as an owner, employee or customer, and from UNLV departments of Fine Arts, Liberal arts, Urban Affairs, Community Service, Journalism, Special Collections, film, art, dance & music.

This project is a community fundraising effort to support Las Vegas Historic Preservation for one Of Las Vegas founding business communities and Historic neighborhoods. Enriching the lives of the Community with a Legacy project to honor the ingenuity and entrepreneurship of our small family business owners with a highlight on Women and Minority business owners. Giving an opportunity for Students and the Local Las Vegas community to share in the project. This will benefit the cultivation of Art, Film, Music, Dance, Business & Commerce, Journalism, Community Service & Affairs. In a multi-disciplinary collaboration of Academia and Local Life. Thank You for considering joining this project please email below your desire to participate and submit your Stories.

Please Step Forward

Las Vegas Historians

Journalism Majors

Videographers & Editing

Graphic Designers

Artists with a focus on Public Art

Special Collections & Archives

Community Services & affairs

Dance Majors (Cultural and Native Dancers) African, Native American & Interpretive

What The Project will include

Thank You for Considering a Donation to help fund this project. Proposed Budget $30,000

rockumentary documentary flyer UNLV & Alumni Call to Action

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