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Welcome to the 2023 updated Site for The Historic Commercial Center District.

We are so Excited to share with you our Area and our New Site! Long awaited and anticipated. We are here to share with you the not what makes Commercial Center Historic, not just the fact that we have been open since 1963, 60 years as of 2023! Not jut the fact that we were created by The Movers and Shakers of Las Vegas, E. Perry Thomas, Jerome “Jerry” Mack, Molasky and Adelson too. Although historic in time, innovation of its day. But because of the people that made it possible. Whom endured over half a century, in the Desert!

This site and story is Dedicated to the Las Vegas Families that chose Commercial Center as their Business Home. Their Home away from home. A Gentleman recently asked me, Why did you choose Commercial Center to do business. At the time in 2004 The Rent was very reasonable and still is, and that I had first come in 1992, nearly 30 years open at the time, it was teaming with life. I went on a Green Valley High School Choir Field trip to Violin Outlet in 1992, Went to Beauty School at Rollers in 1996, and shopped and dined the Center all through the 90’s into the early 2000’s. Had my last Drink in Las Vegas at The Infamous Las Vegas Lounge, where I was employed as a show director and singer in 2001. Went to my First 12 Step Meeting in 2002, and then later opened my Beauty Salon in 2004. Started an Association in 2005. So My connection spans over 30 years with the center, which is half its age. No longer 16 now edging towards 50, I personally found a place in the Community I could be of service in many ways. Historical Legacy, Volunteer work, as an Employer, and an Employee, a student, a customer, now a shopkeeper. I’ve been able to use my Corporate Management Background, and Arts & Entertianment Experience from School and Hollywood, and my Spiritual Insight to apply this all to my time at Commercial Center

I told him that really I have come full circle here. I really grew up in Commercial Center, like many Las Vegans in the past, when they were young at opened businesses in the early days of the 1960’s and 70’s and then having thier children take over, and so on for generations. Six generations now as of 2023. I did not plan it this way-it just kind of happened, it drew me there. I had no Idea of the great history of the Center when I moved in, I later found out, and it made me fall in love with the Area, and want to care for it and protect and preserve it.

Legacy is important-we must know where we come from. We must honor our Ancestral & Cultural Heritage. I became increasingly passionate to protect when I heard others talking badly about us, not really knowing the truth. Just giving empty opinions and fixed ideas of the past, the way it was. Not really knowing what was happening or the incredible effort of blood sweat and tears put into the area. Just comments like it will never be like it was, or bulldoze the whole place, or that it had become seedy or dangerous. To the outsider looking in, the Center was showing its age, but was so much more than the negative opinion of a few who clung to the past.

It was hurtful because there was a failure to acknowledge all that was being done. And really what was being said is, we were not good enough, clean enough, safe enough, worthy enough, that we were not important anymore, and getting rid of us like old trash, would have been the death of us. Truly under attack by Public Opinion, had to endure head-on assaults from some locals and Local Media. That should have been ashamed to say such things, and instead should have been focusing on a solution. A little TLC was all that was needed. Picking up the trash, painting over graffiti here and there, and supporting the small businesses owners that Called Commercial Center Home.

I care deeply about Commercial Center I love Commercial Center and I love my neighbors, I’m proud to say that I am A Commercial Center Business Owner and a Part of an Important Legacy of our Young Las Vegas.

So once again thank you to all our Business and Property Owners, That call Commercial Center Home. Most of all Thank You to our Customers, who love and appreciate us, without you we could not have been here to stand the test of time. Because of you we have withstood 60 years! You are why were still here.

if you are new To Commercial Center we invite you to learn about our rich history. If you want to support Historic Las Vegas, we thank you for considering donated to our general fundraiser and creative projects, we invite and thank you for donations and collaborations of time, talent and treasures.

We hope you enjoy just the little snippets of history and our story here. If you want to hear the whole story and find out more, we invite you to make a contribution by purchasing your Documentary, E-book, and Coffee Table Illustrative Book Today.

Sincerely, Paula Josephine Sadler-Your Neighbor & Friend